Course History

Panorama was founded in 1964 when Paul Vauter, inspired by “The King” – Arnold Palmer, took a chance at a better life for him and his family by transforming the family farm – Meadow Breeze into Crystal Lake Golf Course (which was later renamed Panorama Golf Course by Paul’s wife Peg to reflect the wide vistas afforded).

Nurtured with the heart and soul of a farmer, Panorama Golf Course began to not only grow, but thrive. Much like knowing when to sow seeds or harvest crops, the inception of Panorama came at the right time in the golf world.

In no other period of time would a farm-turn-public golf course in the remote corner of Northeast Pennsylvania have been destined to succeed.

The legions of Arnie’s Army were marching forth to emulate their King and found Panorama nestled in the countryside.

Here they discovered an emerald field of play which was not concealed behind six month’s salary, tall hedge rows and pretentious iron gates exclusively reserved for privileged elites, but rather, a panoramic golfscape welcoming to anyone with a few extra dollars, a set of clubs, and a desire to experience the joy that only the greatest game there is can bring.