Course Details


Panorama is a classic 1960’s era design with a harmonious blend of length, skill, and strategy.

During your round you will experience everything from long par 4s which seem to be par 5s if the wind is wrong, to tempting short par 4s where risk can be rewarded with a short birdie putt or even a chance at eagle, but a wayward drive punished with a quick bogey if not executed with confidence.

The layout guides you across, up and down the gently sloping 160 acre valley of former farmland providing approach shots of nearly every make and model which creates a familiar yet unique experience for each round.  


The natural setting of surrounding woodlands and central ponds on the property creates a comfortable habitat for local wildlife such as deer, amphibians, and birds of prey. The course itself, was forged from fertile farmland which provides a strong foundation for turfgrass to grow and thrive allowing for stellar playing conditions with minimal chemical applications. 


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BLUE 502129444365493379325352353334237734731136516833332045440230776419
WHITE 431118406318434319305303319295334532727932813832729040236227985751
GOLD 344108215252353249242246243235230428223329112830326135733724965166
MEN’S PAR 534454444374444344443572
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RED 344108315252353249242246243235227624620725812220922631729821594511
LADIES’ PAR 535454444384444344543674
       Course Rating:  73.0      USGA Slope Rating: 122      Blue Tees: 115      White Tees: 112      Red Tees: 110